We create African Stars while connecting audiences in unique ways. We pride ourselves in spotlighting and nurturing authentic talent while highlighting culture exchange, African achievement and the continent’s robust arts and culture circuit. We bring out your star power.

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Our Founder

Anyiko Owoko is East Africa's leading Entertainment and Music Publicist, with over 10 years experience in the music industry. The music curator is celebrated for her dedicated work and for being a promising talent within the genre of media.

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Our Values

We are experts at identifying and creating authentic stories, which in turn we morph into narratives with longevity.
We are connected to audiences across the continent in unique ways. We are passionate, daring and results driven.
We always ensure that the job is done. We are creative and love to collaborate with our clients.
We enact different strategies for each market not only to ensure that we are efficient but because we understand the value of influence, and localizing content to serve a market or an audience.